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We are a firm based out of Massachusetts that specializes in quality web design, web hosting, and web marketing solutions. With over 20 years of extensive knowledge in managing servers, designing websites, and digital marketing, Jonathan Kingsbury pursued his dreams and formed Kingsbury Web in January of 2018. 

A Breakdown of our Services:

Website Hosting: We provide privately managed web hosting, where we maintain the web server for optimal performance and security. We also use the latest and greatest technologies to further enhance the performance of your website with use of CDN (Content Delivery Networks), LiteSpeed Caching, and much more. 

Website Design: We are experts in building and maintaining WordPress powered websites. We completely customize your website from top to bottom. All our customers websites are 100% mobile-friendly, fast and secure. We also build complex websites such as e-commerce, members portal, custom databases, etc.

Website Marketing: We are a Google Adwords Certified firm who can help promote your business via pay-per-click advertising. We install custom scripts on your website to track conversions (i.e. form submissions) so we can provide you with a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) and overall ROI. In addition, we use Google Optimize to A/B test different variations of a page to further improve conversions and sales.

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Our mission is to exceed your objectives with superior design, secure web hosting, digital marketing and customer service

Providing quality service to ensure 100% customer satisfaction